Monday, January 25, 2010

"Red Shift" from In the 51st State


A Beginning Place

Red Shift text can be found at Berrigan's EPC author page.

The audio is here courtesy of PennSound.


Our first meeting will be held at my apartment (719 Park St. #4) on (tentatively) Friday, February 5th at 6 PM–let me know if that doesn't work for you.

Please print out and bring a copy of the poem with you to the meeting–don't be a putz.


:: Research, destroy, mutilate.

Bring the poem back as a bouncing baby or a strangled cat. If it has legs or a hat, look! If it appears to be a turtle, try making it a bear. Don't let it melt in through your fingers, and if it does, lick that shit up!

Bring your own attempts at catching Berrigan in a jar (careful he's a big dude and often naked).

Let's not make it a puzzle. Ya' dig.